The Museum

The Museum of the Historical Figurine of Calenzano is a small museum that was founded in 1981, after an exhibition on the soldier and the historical figurine. In 2004 the collection was moved to the premises of the Castle of Calenzano.  The a collection formed over the years through donations and loans from collectors and model makers is a collection that exhibits remarkable and detailed models that start from the Assyrians until the Second World War.

Over the years, the museum created by modelers with a passion for miniatures, has been transformed from a museum for adults and experts in the sector to a museum for the young and adult fans of modelling.

The interest and peculiarity of the museum is to be able to explain and illustrate history in a pleasant way through modelling, which is why the museum has been called, more properly a Museum of  Historical Figurines.

This place includes the interests of young and old, the older adults because they again experience the passions and games of childhood and adolescence while the young can see history in miniature.

What is more, the museum has a range of materials such as helmets, shields, bows, and arrows that kids can use to disguise and play.