The Museum

Explains and illustrates history through modelling: this is the characteristic that makes the Museum of Historical Figurines unique, founded in 1981 and settled since 2004 in the heart of Calenzano Alto, in the Medieval castle.

The collection in the halls of the museum represents a rare treasure in Italy: a collection — formed over the years thanks to donations and loans from collectors and modelers — that displays detailed models starting from the Assyrians up to the Second World War.

Over the years the museum, created by modelers with a passion for miniatures, has been transformed from a museum for experts in the field to a museum for model lovers of all types and ages.

Exhibition Route

An exhibition trail where visitors can meet all the great stages of Italian history, from Etruscan and Roman civilizations, up to the Great War and the Second World War.

Ancient World

Section dedicated to Mediterranean antiquity

Middle Ages

The Long Historical Period of the Middle Ages

Modern Era

The 15th Century:
From Medieval weapons
to Firearms

Enlightenment and Napoleonic Age

18th and 19th centuries

Resurgence and Colonialism

The events of the end of the 19th century in Italy, America, Africa, and Asia

The Great War

The Western and Italian fronts

World War II

From the Western Front to the War in the Pacific

Gothic Line and Resistance

Nazi invasion in France and Italy and the Italian Resistance


At the Museum of Historical Figurines in Calenzano, organizing meetings and workshops with historical themes is possible and much more…

Currently only available in Italian

Teaching is available only for Italian language schools

The San Jacopo Way passes through the MuFiS

At the museum it is possible to stamp the pilgrim’s credentials.

MuFiS is part of the Firenzecard

The only official museum pass that allows you to discover the cultural heritage of Florence and the metropolitan area.